All of our delicious desserts are made in house.  


Popular coffee-flavored Italian dessert made with lady fingers cookies dipped in coffee, layered with a whipped mixture of eggs, sugar, and mascarpone cheese, that’s flavored with cocoa.

Hummingbird Cake

We begin with our white cake batter into which we blend fresh mashed banana and pineapple.  The result is a dense, moist, fruity cake, filled and topped with white cream cheese frosting that’s been mixed with crushed pecans.  Flaked coconut on top is the finishing touch.  

Vanilla Creme Brulee

Classic French dessert consisting of a rich custard base topped with a contrasting layer of hard caramel.

Green Tea Cheesecake

We give this cheesecake an Asian twist by incorporating green tea powder in the cheese before slow baking in the oven.

Truffle Chocolate Egg Roll

 Flourless chocolate cake, cut to size for wrapping in a wonton wrapper.  Deep fried till golden brown, cut in half, then served with vanilla ice cream and topped with homemade caramel sauce and dusted with cocoa powder.

White Chocolate Cheese Cake

Our house cheesecake recipe incorporates melted white chocolate chips, slowly baked, then top with white Godiva chocolate sauce.

Cinnamon Cranberry Raisin Bread Pudding

This rich, delectable, custardy homemade bread pudding is served warm with homemade caramel sauce and whipped cream.

Chambord Kissed Flourless Chocolate Cake

Eggs, butter, secret ingredients and cocoa powder, then kissed with Chambord.

Caramel Apple Crisp with Vanilla Ice Cream

We slice Granny Smith apples, sliver fresh ginger, mix with caramel sauce then top with oats, brown sugar, almonds, peanuts and raisins. Served warm with a scoop of vanilla ice scream.

Double Chocolate Cake with Godiva White Chocolate Sauce

Chocolate double layer cake with cream cheese frosting mixed with crushed pecans, dusted with graham cracker crumbs, then drizzled with Godiva White Chocolate sauce just before serving.

Homemade Green Tea Ice Cream

Homemade Mango Ice Cream

Homemade Coconut Ice Cream